2021/03/25 VIMS Council Meeting

Victoria IMS Council Meeting Minutes
Thursday, Mar 25th, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. Online
June Fukushima, Brock Brown (Chair), Brian Chapel, Bruce MacRae, Kevin Keliher (Secretary), Rhonda Duncan
Absent with Regrets:  None

Agenda Items:


  • Review and Approve Agenda
    Motion from Brock to approve the agenda. Carried.


  • Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting (Jan 28th, 2021)
    Motion from June to approve the minutes. Carried.


  • Business arising from the Minutes and Updates:



  • Feb 20 Margo McLoughlin one-day Zoom Retreat


Volunteers:  Registrar – Joanna Stonechapel; Manager – Joe Barrett; Support team – Brian Chapel, Bruce MacRae; Co-ordinator – Brock Brown; Tech host – Suzan Denis
Number of Participants on the day: 55 


  • March 13 Adrianne Ross one-day Zoom Retreat
    Volunteers: Registrar – Sheila Whincup; Manager – Louise Takeda; Support team – Brian Chapel, Bruce MacRae; Co-ordinator – Brock Brown; Tech host – Suzan Denis
    Number of Participants on the day: 58


  • Finances: 


  • Accounts Reporting Jan 31, 2021
    Chequing: $ 6,439.60
    Savings: $ 7,781.53
    TOTAL: $14,221.13
  • Accounts Reporting Period Feb 28, 2021
    Chequing: $ 7,378.95
    Savings: $ 7,782.13
    TOTAL: $15161.08

Payment of $600. Made to Suzan Denis for Zoom hosting two retreats. 

  • Review and Acceptance of the Jan – Dec 2020 VIMS Financial Report. Circulated by email. Motion from June to accept the updated financial report for Dec 2020. Carried.
  • The Jan 2021 and Feb 2021 Financial reports prepared by Wei Wu were circulated by email. Motion from June to accept the financial reports for January and February 2021. Carried.
  • Discussed annual subscription to zoom at 100-person level (20% savings). Motion from Brock to go ahead with annual subscription to zoom at 100-person level. Carried. 
  1. Sunday Night Community Sit – Still on hold
  2. Communications – newsletter, website, Constant Contact
  3. Suggestion from Louise Takeda re: First Nations Territory Acknowledgement at retreats. Discussion concluded not to change our policy which is to leave it up to the discretion of the teacher to make the acknowledgement statement.
  4. Retreats 


  • 2021 Retreat Programs


Jan 23 Heather Martin – Zoom one-day – Completed. 

Feb 20 Margo McLoughlin – Zoom one-day – Completed

March 13 Adrianne Ross- Zoom one-day – Completed


  • Upcoming Zoom Retreats


April 17 Tuere Sala – Zoom one-day, Registrar Kiko Brown, Manager Carol Mousseau

May 16 Tempel Smith – Zoom one-day, Registrar Josephine Tobin, Manager Metta VanderVliet

The following 2021 retreats were determined when we were planning for in-person retreats at Goward House (before Covid and our Zoom method of offering retreats). This schedule will likely change.

Discussion of VIMS Summer/Fall offerings given the uncertainty of the Covid situation. 

Sept 18 Brock Brown one-day Retreat: It was agreed that if provincial medical directions allow, we will test out a one-day retreat led by Brock. This will occur at Goward House and include an online zoom connection for people in remote locations to join in.  

  • Oct 16/17 Howie Cohn – Postpone the decisions regarding this program till a later date. 
  • Nov 13/14 Ajahn Candasiri – cancelled her trip to Victoria.
  • Note: Aranya Refuge is scheduled to organize two Zoom one-day teaching/retreats led by Ajaan Geoff – Saturday, July 10 and Dec 29, 2021. Aranya also plans to host Ajaan Geoff and another Wat Metta monk for the month of November at Earthspring Sanctuary in the Highlands if the Covid situation allows travel from the US.
  • Reminder to prepare 2020 year-end Reports for the AGM by the end of April. I suggest that we can review the reports at a VIMS Council meeting in May and then plan to have the AGM in June, 2021


  • 2022 Retreats:
  • Assume we will be meeting in person, and possibly using zoom at these meetings.


  • Next Council Meeting: Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 7:00 p.m