2021/05/20 VIMS Council Minutes

Victoria IMS Council Meeting Minutes
Thursday, May 20th, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. Online

June Fukushima, Brock Brown (Chair), Brian Chapel, Bruce MacRae, Kevin Keliher (Secretary), Rhonda Duncan
Absent with Regrets: None

 Agenda Items:

  1.     Review and Approve Agenda
    Motion from Brock to approve the agenda. Carried.
  1.     Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting (Mar 25th, 2021)
    Motion from June to approve the minutes. Carried.
  1.     Business arising from the Minutes and Updates: 
  •       April 17 Tuere Sala one-day Zoom Retreat
    Volunteers: Registrar – Kiko Brown; Manager – Carol Mousseau :Support team – Brian Chapel, Bruce MacRae ;Co-ordinator – Brock Brown; Tech host – Suzan Denis
    Number of Participants: 45
  •       May 16 Tempel Smith one-day Zoom Retreat 

Volunteers: Registrar – Josephine Tobin; Manager – Metta VanderVliet; Support team – Brian Chapel, Bruce MacRae; Co-ordinator – Brock Brown; Tech host – Suzan Denis
Number of Participants: 78

  1.     Finances: 
  •       Accounts Reporting Mar 31, 2021
    Chequing: $ 7,887.41
    Savings:    $ 7,782.79
    TOTAL:     $15,670.20
  •       Accounts Reporting Period April 30, 2021
    Chequing: $ 8,332.03
    Savings:    $ 7,783.43
    TOTAL:     $16155.46
  •       Accounts Reporting Period May 18, 2021
    Chequing: $ 3,862.96
    Savings:    $ 13,783.43
    TOTAL:     $17,646.39

Payment of $575. Made to Suzan Denis for Zoom hosting two retreats. 

  •       Review and Acceptance of March and April 2021 VIMS Financial Report. Circulated by email. Motion from June to accept the updated financial report for March and April 2021. Carried.
  1. Sunday Night Community Sit – Still on hold
  2. Communications – newsletter, website, Constant Contact. Due to increased size of back-up website cost has risen. Website was down for a 1½ days this past month. Bruce will check with David to see if he is fine with continuing  to answer emails sent to the Victoria IMS email account.  Council thanks David Axon for his efforts.
  3. Suggestion from Rhonda Re: donation via Sister Mon to help COVID situation in India. We have been advised by our accountant we should not make donations to individuals. Individuals can of course make a personal donation if they wish.   
  1. 2021 Victoria IMS AGM
  2. a) Review and approve 2020 year-end director reports for the AGM. Motion from Brock to approve these reports. Carried. These reports will be distributed to all AGM participants.  

Thank you to Sandra Joy for volunteering to edit and compile the reports. 

b) Officers for 2021-2022. Motion from Bruce to accept the current slate of officers.:
Brock Brown – President
Bruce MacRae – Vice President
Kevin Keliher – Secretary
June Fukushima – Treasurer
Brian Chapel – Director
Rhonda Duncan – Director

  1. c) Questions for Members: Do we re-start Sunday Night Sit. If so, how frequently (e.g., weekly, monthly)? Ideas for excess funds? Do we stay doing the same thing we have always been doing, or do we invite specific teachers to offer special programming (e.g., BIPOC, Youth)? Do we want to establish a relationship with Tempel Smith?
  2. d) Invitation of Guests to attend upcoming AGM: invite Sandra, Isy, Joanna and Shelly. Consider having a larger VIMS volunteer meeting in the future. 
  3. e) Date: Hold the AGM June 24, 2021.
  4. f) Agenda. Motion from Brock to accept the VIMS AGM agenda. Carried.