2013/11/21 VIMS Council Minutes

VIMS Council Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 21st, 2013: 7:00 – 10:30 pm

Brian’s home



Brock, June, Grant, Theresa, Bruce, Lawrie, Brian

Absent with Regrets:

No one

Agenda Items:

  1. Review and Approve AgendaMotion from Lawrie to approve.
  2. Approve Minutes of October 10th, 2013Motion from Brock to approve with amendments.
    Carried. June abstained.
  3. Business Arising from the Minutes and Updates
    • Adrianne Ross Nov. 2/3 2013 retreat reportUnusually low number of no-shows on both days.
      VIMS dana higher than budgeted.
      Expenses lower than budgeted.

      Gratitude to:

      • Registrar – Lawrie
      • Co-Managers – Joyce, Grant
      • Sound Recording – Bruce
      • Hosting Adrianne – Joyce
      • Retreat operations support – Theresa, Sandra Joy


    • Update on Ajahn Geoff’s possible visit to Victoria in 2014No news.
    • Update on confirmed Manager(s) for Heather’s Feb 8/9 retreat and other retreatsTheresa will co-manage Heather’s.
      Theresa will talk to Naseem about being a manager of a retreat.
      Theresa will talk to others about being registrar of other retreats.
    • Drop-In Meditation for Beginners7 attended on Nov 3rd
    • Council to meet with Heather MartinConfirmed for Sunday 2013-12-08, 11:00 am, at Brock and June’s
    • Mindful Mamas and Will JohnsonInformation about both events is now on our web site.
  4. Study GroupTheresa will get Rod and Izzy’s key to Bruce.
    Ferry fares expected to rise but new price is unknown.
  5. Financial Update – GrantAccount balances as of 2013-11-01:
    Chequing  2,858.52
    Savings   4,616.02


    Fund balances as of 2013-11-19:

    General        6,259.11
    Discretionary  2,856.13

    Motion from June to accept receipt of financial summary. Carried. 

  6. Sunday night donation to Philippines reliefAt the next Sunday night sit, VIMS will not put out a dana basket for the room rental but instead will put one out for Philippine relief via the Red Cross.
  7. CommunicationsReference to One Earth Sangha on website and in newsletter. Further discussion.
  8. Nuns’ visit to Victoria Jan 26/27 2014 
    • Nuns and Kate Dresher will be staying at June and Brock’s home.
    • Nuns will lead the Sunday Night Sit Jan 26
    • Monday Jan 27th 9 am – 11 am: Teachings and then dana meal offering for Ayya Santussika and Sumedhaa Sameneri


    • Jan 27 To airport – leave after the dana meal – around noon– flight is at 1:40 pm to Calgary. Can be a male driver, but will need a female in the car. (If no one else volunteers June can do this).
    • Jan 27 To Clipper ferry – leave at 4 pm. (If no one else volunteers June can do this).


    Brock and June will arrange picking up the nuns and Kate Dresher on Sunday, offering tea and driving them to the Sunday Night sit. Brock has confirmed that the nuns can stay at June and Brock’s house (with the 2 men that also live in the house) as there are doors that close to each room. 

  9. 2014 RetreatsTheresa will find registrars and managers.
  10. 2013 Retreat ReflectionsWhat Did We Appreciate?
    What are our thoughts for 2014 and beyond?
  11. PoliciesCommunications

2014 Retreats

RETREAT Registrar Managers Sound Dana Pick Up Cheque for
Teacher Travel
Feb 8/9
Lawrie Sandra
Mar 16
Pascal Auclair
Apr 19/20
Eve Decker
May 24/25
Ajahn Sona
or UVic
Ajahn Geoff
or UVic
James Baraz
Sept 27/28
Oct 4/5
Nov 9


Next Meeting

December 21th, 2013
Brock and June’s home