2013/10/17 Council Minutes

VIMS Council Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 17th, 2013: 7:00 – 9:30 pm

Grant and Theresa’s meeting room



Brock, Grant, Theresa, Bruce, Lawrie, Brian

Absent with Regrets:


Agenda Items:

  1. Review and Approve AgendaMotion from Lawrie to approve.
  2. Approve Minutes of September 19, 2013Motion from Grant to approve.
  3. Business Arising from the Minutes and Updates
    • Dana wording change for retreat communications templatesDone.
    • Sunday Night 5 year anniversary – Oct 6thWell attended.
    • Volunteer pot-luck – Oct 12th11 attended
    • Solwazi Johnson’s Retreat – Report
      • 75 registered at peak.
      • 51 still registered at start.
      • 47 present on first day.
      • 31 present on second day.
      • Gratitude to:
        • Registrars – Grant, June
        • Co-Managers – Brock and Helen Colbeck
        • Sound Recording – Bruce
        • Flower donation – Helen Colbeck
        • Hosting Solwazi – June and Brock
        • Retreat operations support – Lawrie, Theresa, Sandra Joy


    • Margo’s Course – Margo’s Report
      • 10 registered at peak.
      • Still ongoing.


    • Drop-in Meditation for beginners
      • 4 attended on October 6th.
      • Margo will keep track of how people heard about it.
      • Yoga studio booked to May.


    • Idea for council to get together with Heather before end of year
      • Possibly brunch on December 8th.
      • Brock will check with Heather.


    • Mindful Momas
      • The yoga studio is rented on Sunday mornings from 8:30 to 10:00 for mindfulness meditation.
      • We will mention it on our web site.


    • Call from Liz Vickers
      • Wants to organize a 3-evening urban retreat in December.
      • Asked for advice on how to organize a retreat at Goward House.
      • Asked if we want to partner on registration. Probably not appropriate (not connected with this tradition) but Brock explained what is involved.
      • We will mention it on our website under Mindfulness Related Events. Possibly mention it in the newsletter if we get more info.


  4. Study Group
    • For October 20th session, Bruce volunteered to open, close, be responsible for dana (VIMS an Heather), get $35 cheque to Heather.
    • Need to get a key for locking up unless a keyholder is attending. Brock will check with Eric.
    • Yoga studio is booked until May.
    • The February session will be on the first Sunday of the month.
  5. Appropriate responses to recent and future gifts
    • Secretary to send email to donor when these happen.
    • Grant will send details to Brian.
  6. Financial Update – GrantExpenses and VIMS dana were both lower than expected for Solwazi’s retreat. Budgeted a loss of $340.00 but actual loss was $418.56.
  7. Communications – Bruce
    • Thanks to Rod for his work on the web site. It should be more secure now because it now uses a supported theme.
    • The last newsletter was opened 285 times, a new record.
    • Discussion about whether or not to include a reference to the One Earth Sangha website in our newsletter or on our website. We discussed putting it in the newsletter or linking it to Items of Interest from the VIMS website. No consensus so set aside.
    • Sandra Joy returns as email contact when Rod leaves.
  8. 2013 Retreats
    • Adrianne Ross – November 2/3Theme: Seeing the World with Dhamma Eyes
      Registrar: Lawrie
      Manager: Joyce with assistance from Grant
      Sound: Bruce, who will provide Lawrie with a review.
      Dana: Theresa
  9. Nuns’ visit to Victoria Jan 2014Heather Martin and Kate Dresher are organizing a visit to our area by two Theravada Nuns, Ayya Santussika (abbess of Karuna Buddhist Vihara in Milbrae, Cal.) and Sumedaa Sameneri (a novice nun). Brock has invited them to lead the Sunday Night Sit on Jan 26. We will need housing for the nuns and Kate on Sunday Jan 26 and a dana meal on Monday Jan 27. Brock will look into occupancy rules. We will contribute to transportation cost.
  10. Sunday Night Sit
    • Heather scheduled to lead Sunday Night sit Jan 12, (she is here for Study Group)
    • Nuns on Jan 26
    • Kate Dresher on May 5


  11. 2014 Retreats
    • Heather on the weekend of January 25-26Changed to weekend of February 8-9. Goward House rebooked.
    • Tahn GeoffCannot yet give Brock an answer about his availability but should be able to after November 3rd.
    • OthersSee below for table of roles.
  12. PoliciesPostponed review of communications policy until we set aside some time for it.

2014 Retreats

RETREAT Registrar Managers Sound Dana Pick Up Cheque for Teacher Travel
Feb 8/9
Mar 16
Pascal Auclair
Apr 19/20
Eve Decker
May 24/25
Ajahn Sona?
Ajahn Geoff?
James Baraz
Sept 27/28
Nov 9


Next Meeting

November 21st, 2013
Brian’s home