2013/09/05 Council Minutes

Victoria Insight Meditation Society (VIMS)

Minutes of VIMS Council Meeting – August 15, 2013

Location: Home of Grant Smith and Theresa Aspol, Victoria, BC


Brock Brown president – Chair

Bruce MacRae – Vice-president

Grant Smith – Treasurer

Theresa Aspol – Director

June Fukushima – Director

Brian Chapel – secretary


Lawrie Thicke – Director

  1. Review and approve agenda

    One ammendment made.

    Moved by Theresa.

    Carried. (Implemented)

  2. Approve Minutes of July 18, 2013

    Moved by Brian.

    Carried. (Implemented)

  3. Business arising from the minutes and updates

     Howard Cohn Retreat, August 4, 2013:

    Limit for registrants set at 120       116 registered

    20 cancellations         11 no-shows

    85 attended      73 percent

    Thanks to:

    Rod House – registrar

    Isy House – manager

    Blaire Pardee – co-manager

    Kate Pharis – flowers

    Will edit future retreat promotions to emphasize moderation of dress.


     Christina Feldman has confirmed to teach Mar 14/15, 2015.

    Goward House booked.

 June will make a presentation on Collaborative Decision Making at InterSangha 2013 at Insight Retreat Center, Santa Cruz.

 Completed actions:

 Howie Cohn likely to be on Salt Spring next summer (2014) and willing to teach in Victoria . 

Invitation sent to H Cohn retreat registrants to offer online birthday wishes to Howie 

Brock preparing VIMS message for Howie’s birthday message – write up from the one day retreat received from Arleen Pare; group photo taken at Sunday Night with Howie. 

Updated Lost and Found policy – updated on website and in VIMS policy document 

Permission received from participants to post photo and video from July 10th Pot Luck sangha social

  1. Financial update – Grant

     Circulated by Grant as of today’s date:

     General fund balance is $3,585.94+prepayment

     Discretionary fund unchanged at $3,002.85

     Smaller than expected profit from Howie’s retreat due to travel. $15/person as budgeted but more people than expected attended.

     Ideally do not want different people collecting dana. We will confirm at a council meeting who will take care of the dana when Theresa is not available. Usually currency conversion step required for US teachers. Discussion about where cash extraction should take place.

  2. Communications – Bruce/June

     Bruce training Carol McDonald to produce the newsletter.

     June has offered assistance to Christine Mauro of Salt Spring Vipassana who wishes to start a newsletter for their group – using Constant Contact.

     BCIMS newsletter Editor Lee Anne Smith is welcoming items for their monthly newsletter.

     Items were sent for their recent August edition.

     Victoria IMS sitting group info has been updated on the BCIMS website.

     People are welcome to send text to Bruce for Howie’s talks.

     Bruce will put up whatever audio he has.

  3. Study group – Theresa/June

     Sept 8, 2013 – first meeting

     Heather considering changes to the focus of the study group.

    Discussion about purchasing some books if Heather decides to use one.

     Theresa will book every second Sunday from September to December. Question about one of the dates in October. Discussion about what the nature of the study group should be. June will contact Heather with suggestions.

  4. 2013 retreats

     Solwazi Johnson retreat Sept 28/29.

    Helen Colbeck as co-manager.

    Retreat Announcement to go out Monday Aug. 26

    Adrianne Ross Nov 2/3

    Insight Meditation Retreat” will be the title.

  5. VIMS volunteer pot luck – Oct 12 at Brock and June’s

  6. Request to borrow VIMS zabuton and zafu for Ajahn Geoff’s teachings in Burnaby

    Motion for Brock and June to take it over there for the September 14-15 event.

    Carried. (implemented)

  7. Possible intro sessions for new meditators – starting this fall

    Motion from Bruce that VIMS sponsor a monthly Drop-In Meditation session for Beginners and ask Brock and Margo to alternate leading these one hour sessions from 5:30 – 6:30 pm on the first Sunday of the month. Council will review this program in the future.

    VIMS to pay the rental fee for the yoga studio and give Brock and Margo a $50 honorarium per session. A basket will be set out for donations to VIMS at the drop in sessions. Brock and Margo have confirmed their availability.

    Carried (Implemented). June and Brock recused themselves from the vote.

    Theresa to contact Helga to check yoga studio availability. Bruce and June to advertise in VIMS newsletter and on the website.

  8. 2014 retreats

     Howard Cohn: Sunday Aug 3 2014 – Decision: Book venue?

     Eve Decker – Evening of music and dharma Fri May 23, 2013. CDs available for sale. Will try to use free evening owed to us by Farifield Community Centre for use of Garry Oak room. There will be a suggested donation of $10 for this event. Donations to cover VIMS expenses such as equipment rental with remainder offered to Eve.

    Motion from Brock.

    Carried. (implemented)

    Jim Bedard – proposal from Eric

    Possibility mentioned by Brock.

    Brock one day – date in Feb/Mar to be determined

    Margo one day – date in Nov to be determined

  9. 2015 retreats

     Ajahn Geoff: Brock will investigate when he sees him. Has support to go invite him if it fits his schedule.

    Carried. (implemented)

  10. Policies

     Scholarship, review existing policy – any changes needed?

     Communications policy review – changes?

  11. Next meeting date: 2013-09-19

     At Brock and June’s home

  12. Adjournment