2013/09/19 Council minutes

 VIMS Council Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 19th, 2013: 7:00 – 9:30 pm

Brock and June’s home

  1. Review and Approve AgendaAmmended.
    Motion from Lawrie to approve.
  2. Approve Minutes of Aug 15 2013Motion from June to approve.
  3. Business Arising from the Minutes and Updates
    • InterSangha 2013 – thoughts and recommendations from JuneJune reported on her presentation on group decision making processes, giving people something specific to take home and use. She came away thinking that VIMS is in a very good place – finances are strong, programs are well attended, and we have good volunteer support. June recommends sending someone next year if finances permit. It will be held at Spirit Rock and payment will be in the form of dana. In 2015 the event could easily be on the east coast. June recommends some form of diversity training for our group so that it does not unintentionally limit access to itself. We might consider inviting Nils Haymen or Anna Douglas to come here at some point.
    • Volunteer Pot Luck – Oct 12th11 confirmed to attend.
    • Study Group UpdateHeather has chosen the book, Buddha’s Brain, by Rick Hanson, Ph.D. The dates have been confirmed with Heather and Helga (yoga studio). The first session on Sept 8, 2013 was well attended by regular study group participants, other VIMS members, and people new to VIMS. People from as far away as Pemberton were there. So many people wanting to get into West Coast Dharma’s Rick Hanson event that they have closed off their waiting list.
    • Drop-In Meditation for BeginnersJoyce Elliott is promoting the program in the TC and Monday magazine and has produced posters. Joyce asked Beth Trotter to send out notices to her email list and Beth happily did so. Two people came on Sept 8th. Two people sent their regrets but plan to come in October. It might be appropriate to have a second person there with Brock or Margo. He will ask Carol or Joyce.
  4. Financial Update – GrantThere was only a $36 change in our financial position since last month. Because of book purchase, the study group ran at a loss as expected. The introductory group also had an expected loss due to facility rental cost.
    General fund balance       $3,549.91
    Prepaid expenses           $1,994.73 (for upcoming retreats)
    Discretionary fund balance $3,002.85

    Motion from Lawrie to reimburse June for two donations she made at the inter-sangha meeting on behalf of VIMS (US$ 90 to the Insight Meditation Center and US$ 50 to the Buddhist Insight Network.
    Brock and June abstained.

  5. Communications Bruce/June
    • NewsletterCarol McDonald is trained and is producing the newsletter. Bruce has been getting questions asking for more detail about the teacher of the coming retreat.
    • Constant ContactThe email list has been culled. June removed 32 email recipients. There were 440 people on the list as of September 4, 2013.
    • Possible Website ChangesRod will be updating the website soon. The WordPress theme it uses is no longer supported.
    • New Microphone and StandA directional microphone was donated by a sangha member.
      A microphone stand was donated by Bruce.
    • One Earth SanghaOne Earth Sangha is a website dedicated to the interface between Buddhism and care of the Earth. There was discussion about whether or not council should inform our sangha that it exists. This is very sensitive because it could be seen as stepping into political territory. A common sentiment was that it would be appropriate to list it on the items-of-interest part of the website but that mentioning it in the newsletter would look too much like an official endorsement. No decision was made. Council members agreed that it would be helpful to have more information about the website. June to forward information to Council members.Bring Forward.
  6. 2013 Retreats
    • Review of Dana WordingThe wording about dana in the retreat invitations was discussed. The template has gradually changed over the years and should be more consistent. New wording was discussed. Theresa to send Lawrie suggested changes.
    • Solwazi Johnson Retreat – September 28/29Sound: Bruce
      VIMS Dana: Theresa
      Teacher Dana: Brock/June
    • Adrianne Ross – November 2/3Theme: U Tejaniya approach with 4 Right Efforts
      Registrar: Lawrie
      Manager: Joyce
  7. 2014 Retreats
    • BrockMarch 16 has been booked.
    • MargoNov 9 has been booked.
    • Howie CohnThis one has not yet been booked.
      Carry forward.
    • Tahn GeoffBrock has asked him if he is inclined to visit Victoria. Logistics were discussed.
      Carry forward.
  8. 2015 Retreats
    • Christina FeldmanMiddle of March.
    • HeatherPossibly two.
    • Probably one each from:
      • Brock
      • Margo
      • Howie
      • Other ideas:Kate Dresher
        Wes Nesker
        Suzie Harrington
        Anna Douglas (aging theme)
        Nils Hayman (diversity theme)
        Steve Armstrong
        Jim Bedard
  9. Policies
    • Review of Scholarship PolicyThere was some discussion of the 30% limit.
      Council to move this item further up in the agenda so that it can get more fully discussed before the meeting ends.
      Carry forward.
    • Review of Communications PolicyCouncil to move this item further up in the agenda so that it can get more fully discussed before the meeting ends.
      Carry forward.
  10. Appropriate Responses to Recent and Future GiftsCarry forward.

Next Meeting

October 17th, 2013
Grant and Theresa’s home