2014/10/05 Awakening Joy weekend

The audio files that follow were recorded at Goward House during the Awakening Joy weekend with Jane and James Baraz. This weekend workshop was presented by VIMS as an addition to the standard retreats promoted in Victoria.

James and Jane regularly do The awakening Joy workshops in California based on the book of the same title by James Baraz. Some of our sangha members have done the online version of the awakening Joy workshops and thoroughly enjoyed them. They added and enhanced their meditation and studies. It was an unusual opportunity to have this weekend presented in Victoria and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the full house of participants, many of whom were new to our sangha.

The audio files are numbered as they occurred but are not titled as yet. If anyone would like to submit a short writeup on any of the talks we will add them to the file info. Just sent your item along to victoriainsight@gmail.com

There are 19 audio files spread over the following 3 links.

Audio talks 1-7

Audio talks 8-14

Audio talks 15-19