2013/03/02 Margo McLoughlin Foundations retreat audio

Margo McLoughlin held a one day retreat at Goward house on 24 Feb 2013. The audio files follow after a  poem that was written desribing how the event was for one participant.

To; Victoria Meditation Society and Margo
   I  speak as a community.
   Being present  at
“The  Foundation For  Practice”
with Margo McLaughlin,
we are welcomed to the beginners mind.
 We are as new seeds planted this spring.
 Winds can stir the air, into confusion,
 our minds can wander far afield,
and we can forget our home.
Margo calls us back
 to our bodies, and our breath.
We observe;
We are not our scattered minds.
 Through principal and practice
we cultivate the nature of wisdom,
home in the soft light of our hearts.
I thank Margo,
 through her grace
and guidance, we are inspired.
    Patrick  Desjardins