2018/07/12 VIMS council meeting minutes

VIMS Council Meeting Minutes (approved)

Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

Brock and June’s home


Brock, June, Sandra, Brian, Rhonda, Bruce

Absent with Regrets:


Agenda Items:

  1. Review and Approve Council Meeting Agenda:

Brock welcomed everyone back to the 2018-2019 Victoria IMS Council.

Motion from Sandra to approve the agenda. Carried.

  1. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting (May 17th, 2018):

There were no changes to the distributed draft minutes from the May council meeting.  Motion from June to approve the minutes.  Carried.

  1. Business arising from the Minutes and Updates:
  • Susie Harrington retreat update (May 26/27): There were 53 participants on Saturday (26th) and 47 participants on Sunday (27th). Thanks to all those who supported this retreat: Coordinator: Brock Brown; Co-managers: Rod and Isy ouseHHouse; Registrar: Rod House; Sound: Rod House; Hospitality: Sandra Joy. Airport transport: Joyce Elliott.


  • Ajahn Viradhammo retreat update (June 23/24): There were 86 participants on Saturday (23rd) and 68 on Sunday (24th). Thanks to all those who supported this retreat: Coordinators and Managers: Brock Brown and June Fukushima; Registrar: Kiko Brown; Sound: Bruce MacRae; Hospitality: Brock Brown and June Fukushima.
    Note: The three Managers who were pre-scheduled for this retreat had unforeseen difficulties and cancelled in the weeks leading up to the retreat. Special thanks to Brock and June who stepped in to manage.


  • Lunch on the Sunday of the retreat was a dana meal offering held outdoors and enjoyed by all who participated.
  • Ajahn Viradhammo indicated that he would be willing to receive a request to teach on Vancouver Island in 2020. Brock will be in touch with Sobhana Hippola on Cortes Island to inquire about co-sponsoring a visit from Ajahn Viradhammo in the future.


  • 2018 Victoria IMS Annual General Meeting (AGM):


  • The meeting was held on June 19, 2018.
  • Draft minutes from the meeting have been circulated to all members for review.


  • Report to BC Society Act regarding the update of our Constitution and Bylaws: Brock will do this in the next few days.


  • Coordinator’s Job Description: The Victoria IMS documentation has been updated to include the responsibility for the collection of dana at retreats.


  • Ayya Nimmala visited Victoria on June 10th. June and Brock hosted a dana meal offering and Ayya facilitated the Victoria IMS Sunday Night sit and gave a talk.  Thanks to Nijji who assisted with the logistics of the visit.


  • Cards of well wishes for their health are to be sent to Steve Armstrong and Ayya Medhanandi. The cards were signed by all Council members. June will take care of mailing.
  1. Finances:
  • June reported on the May-June financials prepared by Wei (reports were distributed to council members prior to the meeting).

Account Balances as of June 1st, 2018:

Chequing:         $3,219.71

Savings:           $6,788.46

TOTAL:           $10,008.18

Account Balances as of July 1st, 2018:

Chequing:         $7,004.45*

Savings:           $6,789.85

TOTAL:           $13,794.30

*Cheque to Tisarana Monastery for $2,110.45 dana from Ajahn Viradhammo’s

retreat has not been cashed yet

Motion from June to receive the May-June 2018 Financial Report. Carried.

  1.  Sunday Night Community Sit:
  • In August 2018 we have decided to host only one hour of the regular two hour period. Brock, June or Sandra will facilitate the 45 minute meditation sitting and there will be a little time afterwards for discussion or questions.


  • In September we will resume the two hour program – 45 minute sitting followed by a talk (by the facilitator or recorded by a teacher in the Theravada tradition).


  • Plans for 2019 – Sandra, Brock and June’s intentions and availability were discussed together with some ideas for changing the current model for 2019. Further discussion will take place with the intention of having a 2019 go-forward plan by mid-September.
  1. Ajaan Geoff talk:
    • Ajaan Geoff will be visiting Victoria in mid-September, 2018. Brock and June requested that Victoria IMS co-sponsor an evening talk on September 12th together with Aranya Refuge. Council agreed to the request and the motion was carried.
    • Aranya refuge will cover the rental of the space and Victoria IMS will provide the sound system and volunteers to support logistics.
  2. Communications:  
    • All is working well with both the website and the production of the newsletter. Thanks to Bruce for his continued commitment to producing the monthly newsletter. The ‘open’ rate for the newsletter is 60%.
    • There are currently 942 contacts signed up in Constant Contact to receive communications from Victoria IMS.
    • We continue to seek volunteers to contribute to the production of the newsletter.


  1. 2018 Programs:
  • Upcoming retreats/events:
    • September 15 – Brock Brown.
    • October 13/14 – Christina Feldman.
    • Nov 10/11 – Carol Wilson.
  • Completed retreats/events:
    • January 20/21 – Heather Martin.
    • February 23 – Margo McLoughlin – evening public talk.
    • February 24/25 – Margo McLoughlin.
    • March 31/April 1 – Pascal Auclair.
    • May 26/27 – Susie Harrington.
    • May 27 – Susie Harrington – facilitation of Sunday Night sit.
    • June 23/24 – Ajahn Viradhammo.
  1.  2019 Programs:

Goward House has been reserved for all the retreats with the exception of the August 17/18 retreat which will be held at the University of Victoria.

  • January 19/20 – Heather Martin.
  • February 23/24 – Margo McLoughlin.
  • April 27/28 – Tuere Sala.
  • May 25/26 – Ayya Medhanandi – Ayya has informed us that for health reasons she will be unable to keep this commitment. Brock has suggested approaching Adrianne Ross. Joyce Elliott is willing to endorse her (house and coordinate retreat logistics) and will contact her in the next little while to see whether she is available over the weekend of May 25/26 2019.
  • August 17/18 – Ajaan Geoff.
  • September 14 – Brock Brown.
  • October 12/13 – Steve Armstrong – due to Steve’s health this retreat may need to be reassigned. Brock will discuss possible options with Steve.
  • November 9/10 – Howard Cohn.
  1. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Next Council Meeting

September 20th, 2018 7:00-9:00p.m.

June and Brock’s home