2021/11/25 VIMS Council Meeting

VIMS Council Meeting Minutes Thursday, November 25th, 2021
6 p.m. Online Meeting Hosted in Victoria, B.C.
Present: Brock Brown (chair), Brian Chapel, Rhonda Duncan, June Fukushima, Kevin Keliher (secretary) and Bruce MacRae.
Absent with Regrets: None.
Agenda Items:
1) Review and Approve Agenda: Motion from Brock to approve agenda. Carried.
2) Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting September 30th, 2021 Motion from Brian to approve minutes. Carried.
3) Business arising from the Minutes and Updates:
a) We sent a small gift to Heather Martin (re-usable Bag with”Gratitude” printed on it) along with a card and our messages of gratitude. A tribute and thanks to Heather was included in the October VIMS Newsletter. Thank you to Sandra Joy for writing the tribute and to June Fukushima for collecting and sending the personal thank you notes and gift.
b) October 16th Margo McLoughlin one day Zoom retreat. Gratitude to volunteers: Joanna Stonechapel – Registrar, Metta VanderVliet – Retreat Manager. Gratitude also to Suzan Denis as Zoom Tech Host. Zoom Participants: 33
c) June to check with Wei Wu that she has not counted Goward House rent in Margo’s retreat.
4) Financial Updates
a) Coast Capital Account Statements Accounts September 30th 2021
Chequing: $3,403.51
Savings: $13,789.14
TOTAL: $17,192.65
Accounts October 31st, 2021
Chequing: $3,713.07
Savings: $13,790.31
TOTAL: $17,503.38
September and October 2021 Financial Reports to be amended by Wei Wu – Brock Brown Retreat did not incur a cost for Goward House rental.
b) June contacted Pat Conroy, a Victoria area accountant who agreed to help file the T2 for Victoria IMS for the reporting year 2020. T2 is completed, costing $630. Motion from Bruce to approve expense ($630.00) for Pat Conroy’s services to complete and file the 2020 T2 with CRA; and June Fukushima, Treasurer sign the T2 on behalf of the Victoria Insight Meditation Society. Carried. Follow-up requirements may result once the CRA receives the T2 Motion from June to contract Pat Conroy to complete and file T2 with the CRA for 2021. Carried. Motion from Bruce to approve that Victoria IMS reimburse Brock Brown $150.00 for the purchase of two camera stands to be used at upcoming retreats at Goward House. Carried.
5) Sunday Night Community Sit:
a) After some discussion it was decided to restart the sit in 2022
b) To be held at Helga Beer Yoga Studio, 7:00-8:15 p.m.
c) In-person meditation on a trial basis on the 1st and 3rd Sunday in January and February. Brock Brown facilitator.
d) COVID-19 protocols for small group gatherings will be followed:Fully vaccinated participants agree to: i) Sign form upon entry indicating name & contact info, ii) Wear mask at all times, iii) Practice social distancing iv) Re-evaluate at end of February and cancel if COVID situation worsens. Bruce moved that Victoria IMS re-start the Sunday Night Sit as outlined above. Carried v) June will contact Helga Beer to confirm rental of the yoga studio.
6) 2022 Budget and 2021 Gifts
a) A deficit budget is presented $2,037.00 Net Loss (Dana – Expenses) $1,000.00 Scholarship Fund $3,037.00 TOTAL Deficit b) 2021 Gifts Given the anticipated surplus funds for the 2021 financial year, consideration was given to donate to charitable organizations that provide free resources to the VIMS community. Three charities were identified: Dharma Seed ($200 USD), Birken Forest Monastery – Video Production Fund ($250 CDN) and Metta Forest Monastery – Book Fund ($200 USD). Motion from June to approve Victoria IMS Budget for 2022. Carried. Motion from June to send donations to the three charities mentioned above. Carried.
7) Communications – Newsletter, Website, and Constant Contact.
a) Constant Contact invitation for Margo’s retreat is scheduled to go out January 24th, 2022.
b) Discussion regarding people signing up for hybrid retreats. June will look into using Constant Contact for in-person participants to sign up (possible max 30) and give the free lu.ma computer program a trial for online retreat registration.
8) Board Changes: a) Brian Chapel has announced he will be stepping off the board after the 2022 AGM. 9) 2022 Retreats:
a) All events at Goward House unless indicated otherwise.
2022 Upcoming Retreats Date Teacher Confirmed (Y/N) Venue Booked Format Notes
Feb 19/20 Margo McLoughlin (Y) Goward House Hybrid
Mar 19/20 Tempel Smith (Y) Goward House Hybrid
Apr 9/10 Tuere Sala (Y) Goward House Hybrid Friday evening Talk via Zoom
May 21/22 Scheduled retreat cancelled Might fill this spot with another teacher
Jun 25/26 Bonnie Duran(Y) Shoal Center Hybrid David Axon Manager
Sep 17 Brock Brown (Y) Goward House Hybrid
Oct 15/16 Christine Feldman (Y) Goward House Hybrid
Nov 12/13 Ajahn Candasirii Goward House Hybrid Nun coming from (Y) Scotland, Katherine Leslie Manager

Next Council Meeting: Thursday, January 13th at 6 p.m.