2022/02/19 Margo McLoughlin online retreat

Margo McLoughlin Online Retreat

Bodhicitta: Awakening the Heart
February 19 and 20, 2022
Registration opens Jan 24, 2022
(online only) 9:00am to 1:00pm both days
The word “bodhicitta” means heart /mind of awakening and refers to the deeper motivation that brings us to practice. The longing for greater ease in the face of change and loss in our personal lives leads to a more intuitive and expansive recognition that our ability to respond wisely makes a difference in the world.
When encountering uncertainty and fear, what habit patterns guide our reaction? Instead of turning away from the truth of dukkha, we remember that our path of practice, of nurturing wisdom and compassion, is not for ourselves alone. In this weekend retreat, we will explore six pathways for cultivating bodhicitta, both as a profound support to our personal journey, and as a way of acknowledging the interconnectedness of life.
Margo McLoughlin has been leading retreats and teaching classes for more than twenty years. She brings a poet’s appreciation of wonder and beauty to her teaching of the Dharma, emphasizing the creative aspect of practice. For more information visit Margo’s website: https://www.margostoryteller.net