2020/10/22 VIMS Council Meeting

Victoria Insight Meditation Society Council Meeting
Oct 22 2020
Present: Brock Brown (Chair), Bruce MacRae, Rhonda Duncan, Brian Chapel, June Fukushima (Secretary for meeting).

  1. Approve Agenda. Brock moved. Carried
  2. Approve Minutes of Oct 1 2020. 

Rhonda moved. Carried.

  1. Update on Christina’s retreat
    Very positive feedback from participants.
    VIMS suggested dana amount is very reasonable – makes it possible for people to participate. Not everyone donates suggesting that the retreats are accessible.
    Most frequent question is how else to send dana to the teacher other than through PayPal.
  2. Recent security problems for Carol Wilson’s retreat registration.
    The link to Constant Contact from the VIMS website was removed.
    There were no further registrations from suspicious emails.
    We will put Carol’s link in the newsletter and monitor if suspicious emails come in.
    The Registrar will be asked to monitor the suspicious names/
  3. Use (or not) of an avatar on zoom at future retreats

Brock moved that avatars will be allowed. Backgrounds will not be allowed.

  1. What to do about retreatants who are named ipad or iphone

June moved that we encourage people to name themselves.

We will ask Suzan to offer a training session at the first break of Carol’s retreat in addition to the 8:30 – 8;45 am orientation.

  1. Registrar- Carol’s retreat

The work load of the Registrar is much higher for the online retreats vs the in-person retreats. Current Registrar for Carol’s retreat was given the option of being involved with the Zoom related tasks on the days of the retreat and has opted to not be involved. 

Kiko will let people in.
Brock will ask Metta about admitting people.
Bruce will monitor the vims1retreat email.

Future retreats: We will seek a Registrar for the 4-weeks before the retreat and seek a different volunteer for the day of the retreat.

  1. Qi Kung at Carol’s Retreat.
    Council agreed that Brock contact Carol to offer movement session at Carol’s retreat.
    Suzan suggested this as a possibility given the success of the sessions at Christina’s retreat.
  2. Special Year-End Online Gatherings
    Brock is considering offering an online  2-hour pre- Christmas and after Christmas evening on Zoom in keeping with what he has offered in past years.
    Council agreed to the idea.
  3. Next Council Meeting: ??