2018/09/14 VIMS Council Meeting Minutes

VIMS Council Meeting Minutes (UNapproved)

Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

Sandra’s home


Brock, June, Sandra, Bruce, Brian, Rhonda

Absent with Regrets:


Agenda Items:

  1. Review and Approve Council Meeting Agenda:

An addition (point 3 last item) to the distributed agenda was proposed to request updates on two outstanding items. Motion from Rhonda to approve the modified agenda. Carried.

  1. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting (July 20th, 2017):

There were no changes to the distributed draft minutes from the July council meeting. Motion from June to approve the minutes. Carried.

  1. Business arising from the Minutes and Updates:
  • Ajaan Geoff retreat update (Aug 19/20): There were 74 participants on Saturday (19th) and 63 participants on Sunday (20th). Participants were enthusiastic and good feedback was received after the retreat. Thanks to all those who supported this retreat: Coordinators: June Fukushima and Brock Brown; Co-managers: Eric Bedard, Ken Sohm and Grant Laing; Registrar: David Axon; Sound: Bruce McRae; Hospitality: Pascal Courty, Piriya and David Nowak, Brock Brown and June Fukushima.


  • The visit to Galiano Island with the monks following the retreat went well.


  • Arising from Ajaan Geoff’s visit is a new pilot project named the Aranya Refuge. It is a project that is separate from Victoria IMS but is supported by a number of sangha members. The purpose of the project is to have a place on Vancouver Island for monks to come from Wat Meta in California to be on retreat. The initial plan is for May 2018 when two monks would stay at David and Piriya’s house in Duncan and David and Brock would act as stewards. During that month there would be an opportunity for people to offer dana meals on Saturdays. Following the meal people could stay and listen to a recorded talk by Ajaan Geoff and then meditate with the monks.


  • Victoria IMS total retreat participants between January and August 2017 was 259.


  • Update on the status of outstanding items discussed at earlier meetings this year:


    • Gender inclusive signs for the washrooms at the yoga studio: Helga spoke to McAvoy and Associates who own the building but as at this time nothing has happened. June will follow up again with Helga.
    • Verbal acknowledgment of First Nations’ land at the start of retreats held at Goward House: Council is still undecided about this matter and will keep the topic in consciousness and see how it evolves over time (perhaps a chant; perhaps something in print that we can leave on the dana table; etc.).
  1. Finances:
    • June reported on the July-August financials (the report was distributed to council members prior to the meeting).

Account Balances as of August 1st, 2017:

Chequing: $1,240.95

Savings: $6,774.34

TOTAL: $8,015.29

Account Balances as of September 1st, 2017:

Chequing: $1,764.91

Savings: $6,775.78

TOTAL: $8,540.69

Motion from Sandra to receive the July-August 2017 financial report. Carried.

    • A scholarship was requested from Victoria IMS and was approved by Brock and Bruce. The value of the scholarship was $157.50 and it has been remitted to the sponsor organization.
  1. Bylaws and Constitution:
    • The Council agreed at our last meeting to move items 3, 4 and 5 of the current Constitution (see below in italics) to the new by-laws in accordance with the new regulations. Our new Constitution will comprise items 1 and 2 of the existing Constitution.


1. The name of the Society is Victoria Insight Meditation Society

2. The purposes of the Society are:

a. To promote Buddhist teachings and meditation practices as taught in, but not limited to Theravada Buddhism.

b. To provide access to the practice and study of the dhamma, the Buddha’s teachings.

c. To facilitate the growth and sustenance of a sangha, the community of Buddhist practitioners.

d. to promote the cultivation of insight, generosity and kindness in order to awaken heart and mind and to foster the possibility of freedom from suffering for all.

e. to encourage a personal meditation practice and the embodiment of the dhamma in daily life.

f. to do those things incidental and necessary to promote and attain the foregoing purposes, which shall include but not be restricted to the promotion, organisation and conduct of Buddhist meditation retreats, instruction, study and practice groups in British Columbia, primarily in the Greater Victoria regional district.

3. Upon winding up or dissolution of the Society, the assets, which remain after payment of all cost, charges, and expenses which are properly incurred in the winding up shall be distributed to a registered charity or registered charities as defined in the Income Tax Act (Canada), as may be determined by the members of the Society at the time of winding up or dissolution. This provision is unalterable.

4. The above purposes of the Society shall be carried out without purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or other accretions to the Society shall be used for promoting its purposes, and all the above purposes shall be carried on in an exclusively charitable manner. This provision is unalterable.

5. No Director or Officer shall be remunerated for being or acting as a Director or Officer, but a Director or Officer may be reimbursed for all expenses necessarily and reasonably incurred by him or her while engaged in the affairs of the Society. This provision is unalterable.

    • Member-funded society or not: after some discussion and with reference to page 5 of the BC New Societies Act: A Guide to the Transition Process, Council determined that Victoria IMS is not a member-funded society. Bruce motioned that we designate ourselves as not a member-funded society. Carried.
    • Brock suggested that we use the government offered model by-laws template as a start to creating the new Victoria IMS by-laws. Sandra suggested that we do this with reference to our current by-laws to retain anything we feel relevant.
    • Council decided that we would hold a separate meeting specifically to discuss and assemble the new by-laws. Before the meeting we will review the new model by-laws which can be found in Schedule 1 at this link: http://www.bclaws.ca/civix/document/id/complete/statreg/216_2015#Schedule1
  1. New by-laws meeting
  2. October 12th, 2017
  3.  7:00 – 9:00
  4. June and Brock’s home
  1. Sunday Night Community Sit:
    • As there will be no sit on Sunday December 24th, Margo has suggested doing a Solstice evening at the Yoga Studio on Friday evening December 22nd between 7 and 9pm. Council is supportive of this event. Sandra will speak to Margo about the logistics of the evening.
    • An extended meditation siting will be held on Sunday 31st December between 4 and 9 pm.
  1. Communications:
    • Newsletter: There has been a request to put an announcement about the Aranya Refuge project into the newsletter (see #3 point 3 above) and to also provide a link for readers to subscribe to the Aranya Refuge mailing list. Motion from Sandra to include in the newsletter. Carried.
  1. 2017 Programs/Retreat Operations:
    • Upcoming retreats/events:
      • Sep 16/17 – Adrianne Ross – registration opens Aug 21, 2017
      • Oct 14/15 – Steve Armstrong – registration opens Sep 18, 2017
      • Oct 27 – Victoria IMS Potluck/Social
      • Nov 11 – Brock Brown – registration opens Oct 16, 2017
    • Retreats completed:
      • January 21/22 – Heather Martin
      • February 19 – Margo McLoughlin
      • March 18/19 – Howard Cohn
      • April 30 – Tuere Sala
      • May 27/28 – Ayya Medhanandi
      • Aug 19/20 – Ajaan Geoff
  1. 2018 Programs:
    • January 20/21 Heather confirmed – Goward House reserved
    • February 23 – Margo McLoughlin – confirmed – evening talk – Goward House reserved
    • February 24/25 – Margo McLoughlin – confirmed – Goward House reserved
    • March 31/April 1 – Pascal Auclair – confirmed – Goward House reserved
    • May 26/27 – Susie Harrington – confirmed – Goward House reserved
    • June 23/24 – Ajahn Viradhammo – more than likely – UVic conference room reserved
    • September 15/16 – Brock Brown – confirmed – Goward House reserved
    • October 13/14 – Christina Feldman – confirmed – Goward House reserved
    • Nov 10/11 – Carol Wilson – confirmed – Goward House reserved

It has been suggested that we have a Friday program (day long) on May 25, 2018 facilitated by Susie Harrington. This would be the day before Susie ‘s two day retreat. The Friday one-day would be a separate event from the two day weekend retreat and would be focused on Buddhism and the environment. Earthspring Sanctuary outside Langford is suggested as the venue for the 25th May and the cost would be $400. Earthspring holds 25-30 people. Lawrie and Brock would be endorsers. Bruce motioned we should go ahead with this. Carried.

Isy has been working on the 2018 retreat teams. Brock distributed copies of the 2018 retreat schedule populated with current volunteer staffing and requested Council to review before our next meeting.

We are still looking for additional Sound support for retreats.

  1. Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Next Council Meeting

November 16th, 2017

Sandra’s home