Council Minutes March 2015

VIMS Council Meeting Minutes

    1. Thursday, March 19th, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

    2. Brian’s home

      1. Present:

Bruce, June, Sandra, Brian

      1. Absent with Regrets:

No one

      1. Agenda Items:

  1. Review and Approve Agenda

Motion from June to approve with amendments.

  1. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting

Motion from Brian to approve minutes from February 19th.

  1. Business Arising from the Minutes and Updates

    • Christina Feldman Retreat:

      • 101 people on Saturday

      • At least 86 on Sunday

      • The only men’s restroom requires climbing stairs to get to so next time try one of each on each floor.

    • Study Group Update:

      • 8 people at the last one with Heather

      • Kate will conduct April Session.

      • Kate’s expenses will be for fuel and the ferry.

    • Signing Officer Update:

      • Brian and Sandra have been added.

    • Donations for free software used by VIMS website:

      • Motion from Brian to donate approximately (depending upon currency conversion) $10 to the author of the WordPress calendar plugin and $20 to the author of the contact form plugin.

    • Beginner drop-in update:

      • 6 attended in March.

  2. Financial Update

    • Account Balances on March 1st:

Chequing      1,958.84
Savings       5,232.07
Pre-payments  1,763.41
    • Fund Balances on March 1st:

General       8,454.32
Discretionary   500.00
    • Thank-you received from Dharma Seed for donation from VIMS.

    • Reminder to send all financial transaction details to Wei (our new bookkeeper)

    • Motion from June that council has received unaudited 2014 year-end financial statements prepared by David Levinson and Associates.

    • Brian will post the ballot for Coast Captial Savings directors.

    • Insurance policy received from Sea First.

  1. Membership List for AGM – May 2015

    • Founding members: Brock Brown, John Hilditch, Rod House, Joan Glover, Joyce Elliott

    • Current council: Bruce MacRae, June Fukushima, Brian Chapel, Sandra Joy

  2. Communications

    • Two people have talked to Bruce about doing sound.

    • The Salt Spring Vipassana group’s website is currently offline. Sandra will ask them what their interim registration process in case anyone asks VIMS.

  3. Council Members’ Updates on Roles and Tasks

    • Sunday Night Sit:
      Sandra will open/close in April.
      Helen will open/close in May.

    • 2015 Retreat Operations – roles, tasks, coordination

  4. 2015 Programs

    • Ajahn Tiradhammo is available to come to Victoria on July 18/19.
      He will lead a one-day retreat on Saturday July 18th and lead the Sunday Night Sit on July 19th. June will book the Unitarian church. Meal offering to monk will be done as a potluck lunch.

    • May 23/24 Ajahn Sona has been confirmed for Goward House.

    • August 22/23 Ajaan Geoff has been confirmed for UVic Cadboro Commons rooms.
      Confirmed topic: Karma
      June will ask if he can do a public dharma talk at UVic on the Friday evening before the retreat
      Sandra will contact UVic.

    • September 26/27 Margo McLoughlin is confirmed for Goward House.

    • November 7/8 Howard Cohn is confirmed for Goward House.

  5. 2016 Retreat Planning

    • Jan 16/17 Heather Martin is confirmed for Goward House.

    • March 25/26 Pascal Auclair is confirmed for Goward House (Good Friday and Easter Saturday).

    • May 21/22 June will invite Ajahn Passano.

    • September 17/18 Steve Armstrong is confirmed.

    • October 15/16 Christina Feldman is confirmed for Goward House.

  6. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

    1. Next Meeting

April 16th, 2015
7:00-9:30 p.m.
Sandra’s home