2014/10/09 VIMS Council Minutes

VIMS Council Meeting Minutes (approved)

Thursday, October 9th, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

Brock and June’s home



June, Brock, Bruce, Brian, Lawrie, Grant (at beginning), Theresa (at beginning)

Absent with Regrets:

No one

Agenda Items:

  1. Review and Approve AgendaMotion from Brian to approve.
  2. Approve Minutes of September 18th, 2014Motion from Brian to approve.
  3. Business Arising from the Minutes and Updates
    • Marlene Lovell has offered to help with the Pot Luck on Oct 18, 2014. Two more sangha members have volunteered to be part of the entertainment (poetry and comedy).
    • Yoga studio is booked for 2015 Study Group dates: Jan 11, Feb 8, Mar 8, May 3, June 14, July 12.
    • Deposit of $400 sent to UVic for Cadboro Commons for Ajaan Geoff retreat Aug 2/3, 2014.
    • Bruce has Heather Martin’s January retreat information and has posted it on the website.
    • 9 people came to the October 5th, 2014 Beginner drop-in.
    • Review of Sept 27/28 retreat with James Baraz – Insight Meditation retreat
      • 97 registrants (including their guests)
    • Review of Oct 4/5 retreat with James and Jane Baraz – Awakening Joy
      • 96 registrants (including their guests)
    • Brian will send a thank-you card to Christine Mauro and her husband for providing accommodation in their home to James and Jane.
    • Gratitude also goes out to:
      • Margo McLoughlin for arranging local accommodation.
      • Paul Kline for providing local transportation.
      • Therese Williams for bringing lunch.
      • Managers and registrars Brock Brown, Joyce Elliot, Margo McLoughlin, Brian Chapel, June Fukushima, Blaire Pardee
    • Decision made at a special meeting called on October 3, 2014 to send an announcement about a 5-part series on Buddhism and Climate Change offered by senior Vipassana teachers and, at the newsletter producer’s discretion, to include additional information sent by James Baraz. 6 voted implement; 1 set aside. Announcement about 5-part series sent out Oct 3, 2014.
  4. Decision Making Process used by Council
    Will continue to use a mixture of yes/no and gradient voting.
  5. Financial UpdateAccount balances as of September 30, 2014:
    Savings  $1,220.86
    Chequing $6,006.61


  6. Margo McLoughlin Retreat Nov 9, 2014
    • Registrar: Lawrie
      Managers: Lawrie and Carol Eby
      Sound: Lawrie and Bruce
    • Registration Opens Monday Oct 13, 2014.
  7. Council Members’ Updates on Roles and Tasks
    • Sunday Night Sit – Discussion and Direction from Council:
      Facilitator Group meeting on Oct 20th: Margo, Lawrie, Sandra, Eric, Pascal, Rod, Isy, Theresa. Margo has a roster for opening and closing the studio for Jan – June 2015.
      Moved by Bruce that we approve the committee to organize the Sunday Night Sit with Lawrie as the council rep.
    • Reminder Letter from Awakening Joy:
      Bruce will suggest different wording regarding electronic devices and send it to Lawrie.
    • 2015 Retreat Operations – roles, tasks, coordination:
      Bruce is willing to coordinate Heather’s Jan, 2015 retreat. June and Brock coordinating Mar, May, Aug retreats. Sandra, June and Brock reviewing list of tasks for Coordinator and Manager roles.
    • New Volunteers:
      Paul Monfette has offered to learn to do sound. Sheila Whincup has offered to be a registrar and offer photography skills. Other volunteers which have come forward for general tasks are Jean Grant, Will Pegg, Audra Poole, Christy Linder.
      June will contact them.
    • Retreat Planning and Coordination:
      Brock and Sandra are working on it.
    • Recruiting for Newsletter Producer:
      Will ask at Sunday Night, Margo’s retreat, newsletter.
  8. 2015 Programs
    • Ajahn Tiradhammo is available to come to Victoria on July 18/19 2015:
      Motion from Brock to fomally invite Ajahn to lead a one-day retreat on Saturday, July 18th and lead the Sunday Night Sit on Sunday, July 19th.
    • Confirmed Retreats:
      • Jan 24/25 Heather Martin – Goward House
      • Mar 14/15 Christina Feldman – Goward House:
        Topic: Brahma Viharas on the Path to Awakening.
        Travel budget: $750 – she is coming from Boston.
      • May 23/24 Ajahn Sona – Goward House
      • Aug 22/23 Ajaan Geoff – UVic Cadboro Commons rooms:
        Suggested topic: Karma
      • Sept 26/27 Margo McLoughlin – Goward House
      • Nov 7/8 Howard Cohn – Goward House
  9. 2016 Retreat Planning
    • Lawrie has received tentative confirmation from Steve Armstrong for Sept 17/18, 2016.
      Motion from Lawrie to officially invite him.
    • Pascal Auclair is on the West Coast in March. He could come to Victoria on Mar 26/27. Goward House is not available that weekend but it is on Mar 19/20.
      Motion from Brock to invite him for the Mar 26-27 weekend and plan on having it at UVic.
    • Christina Feldman possibly available Oct 15/16. Goward House is available.
  10. Grant and Theresa have resigned.
    • Council thanks them for their service.
  11. Meeting adjourned at 10:50 pm


Next Meeting

November 13th, 2014
7:00-9:30 p.m.
Lawrie’s home