2014/10/18 VIM Council Minutes


VIMS Council Meeting Minutes (Approved)

Thursday, September 18th, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Brian’s home


June, Brock, Bruce, Brian

Absent with Regrets:

Theresa, Grant, Lawrie

Agenda Items:

Review and Approve Agenda

Motion from Brian to approve.

Approve Minutes of August 21st, 2014

Motion from June to approve.

Business Arising from the Minutes and Updates

Joanna Stonechapel is producing the September 26th newsletter for VIMS. Thank you to Joanna.

Rod House purchased equipment for the PA system and has been reimbursed $147.81 for it.

Isy House coordinating sangha pot-luck:

October 18th

Fairfield Community Centre – Garry Oak Room and Kitchen

Rod, Brock and Lawrie coordinating entertainment: Eric, Margo, Mind on Freedom confirmed. Others welcome.

Financial Update

Account balances as of 2014-08-31 (from statements):

Chequing  $3,901.24
Savings   $1,220.11

Study Group with Heather Martin in 2015 – Update from Bruce

January 11th

February 8th

March 8th

May 3rd

June 14th

July 12th

Council Members’ updates on roles and tasks

Fans of Sunday Night Sit Group – Margo McLoughlin organized an informal meeting to discuss changes in 2015. Defer council decisions to October meeting.

Retreat Operations – Discussion of roles, tasks, coordination. June is working on a checklist for the October council meeting.

2015 Programs

January 24-25 retreat with Heather Martin at Goward House – confirmed

March 14-15 retreat with Christina Feldman at Goward House – confirmed

May 23-24 retreat with Ajahn Sona at Goward House – confirmed

August 22-23 retreat with Ajahn Geoff at UVic in Arubuts/Queenswood conference rooms – confirmed

Discussion about also renting a smaller room for use by the monks.
The total for the two rooms comes to $892.50.
We are asked to put a $400 deposit to hold those rooms for Aug 22/23 2015.

Motion from June to send UVic a deposit of up to $250 for the room. Carried.
Motion from June to send UVic a deposit of up to $150 for an extra room for the monks. Carried.

From the UVic contract:

Degrees Catering requires a 50% deposit and signed
Banquet Event Order (BEO) to confirm the booking
of function rooms, food and beverages contracted
by University Food Services. Final payment is
required upon receipt of invoice following the
completion of the event. Our internal clients are
required to sign the BEO and provide Catering
Services with your FAST account number for billing.  
FUNCTION ROOMS-Cancellations made less than 3 weeks
prior to event booking date will result in loss of
room portion of deposit only.

September 26-27 retreat with Margo McLoughlin at Goward House – confirmed

November 7-8 retreat with Howard Cohn at Goward House – confirmed

Summer talk or day-long with Ajahn Tiradhammo – Brock will email to inquire.

2016 Programs

September 17-18 retreat with Steve Armstrong – Lawrie has received a tentative confirmation.

2016 retreat schedule deferred to October Council meeting.

Retreat updates – Discussion deferred

September 27-28 James Baraz
Brock and Joyce managing.

October 4-5 Awakening Joy – James and Jane
June and Blaire managing.

November 9 Cultivating Wise Attention: The Gift of Awareness and the Path of Freedom – Margo McLoughlin
Registration not open yet.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm

Next Meeting

October 16th, 2014
Brock and June’s home