2014/08/21 VIMS Council Minutes


VIMS Council Meeting Minutes (Approved)

Thursday, August 21st, 2014 at 7:09 pm

Grant and Theresa’s meeting room


Lawrie, June, Brock, Theresa, Grant, Bruce, Brian

Absent with Regrets:

No one

Agenda Items:

Review and Approve Agenda

Motion from Brock to approve with amendments (addition of two communication items).

Approve Minutes of July 17th, 2014

Motion from Theresa to approve.

Business Arising from the Minutes and Updates

Tea with VIMS Council and members and guests:

Most people were interested in how to deepen their own practice in their own ways.

Not much appetite for growth.

Nice to have a meeting where we were not trying to accomplish anything.

Isy House coordinating sangha pot-luck:

Oct 18th

Garry Oak Room and Kitchen

Rod, Brock and Lawrie coordinating entertainment: Eric, Margo, Mind on Freedom confirmed, Kwan Yin Choir possible, others welcome.

Need to send a cheque for the remainder of the cost.

Aug 16/17 Ajaan Geoff weekend


112 registrations at peak

104 the night before the event

83 attended on Saturday

84 attended on Sunday

First time we have ever had more attendees on the second day of a retreat.

Having a larger number of volunteers, each with a specific job, worked very well with the larger space at CBUC.

Gratitude to:

Amala Ghosh for donation of vase

Erid Bedard for donation of trays

Financial Update – Numbers from Grant

Account balances as of 2014-07-31 (from statements):

Chequing  4,381.04
Savings   1,219.33

At the last retreat the dana/attendee that VIMS received was about average, even though no suggested amount was mentioned.

Motion from Brian that July financial statement have been received.


Motion from Bruce to move VCC and VIMS minutes to the archive section of the website as they become one year old.

Gratitude to Rod House for donation of amplified speaker.

Motion from Brock for Rod to spend up to $175 on audio accessories.

Carol McDonald has stepped down from producing the newsletter. June and Bruce will produce the newsletter until a replacement can be found.

Council Members’ updates on roles and tasks

Brian met with Lawrie and has started to learn to use Constant Contact by practising on the Awakening Joy retreat.

Brock plans to take a sabbatical from VIMS activities in 2015.

2015 Programs

Motion from Brock to invite Ajahn Sona to replace him for the May 23/24 retreat.

Ajahn Tiradhammo might be visiting in July so Brock will see if he would be available to give a talk or lead a day-long event.

Motion from Brock to try to invite Ajaan Geoff to lead an August 22/23 retreat.

Possible one-day led by Brock – Discussion deferred.

Discussion about Sunday night sit coordination.

Eric is starting a Wednesday evening sitting group in Langford, focusing on Ajaan Geoff’s teachings.
Motion from Brock that it be considered as a VIMS group.

Retreat updates – Discussion deferred

Sept 27/28 James Baraz

Oct 4/5 Awakening Joy – James and Jane

Nov 9 Margo McLoughlin – Insight Meditation retreat

2016 retreat planning

Motion from Lawrie to invite Steve Armstrong to teach on one of the weekends that we have confirmed at Goward House, keeping in mind that VIMS usually invites Heather to teach in January.

Meeting adjourned at 9:56 pm

Next Meeting

September 18th, 2014
Brian’s home