2014/05/15 VIMS AGM Minutes

VIMS Annual General Meeting Minutes

Thursday, May 15th, 2014 at 6:45 pm

Brian’s home

Agenda Items:

  1. Call to Order7:01 pm
  2. Establish Quorum (minimum 3 members per VIMS’ bylaws)Brock Brown, Lawrie Thicke, Joan Glover, June Fukushima, Brian Chapel, Theresa Aspol, Grant Smith, Bruce MacRae.

    Absent with regrets: Rod House, Joyce Elliott, John Hilditch

  3. Approve AgendaMotion from Joan to approve.
    Seconded by June.
  4. Approve Minutes from May 13th, 2013 AGMMotion from June to approve.
    Seconded by Theresa.
  5. Financial Statement for January to December of 2013June was the treasurer for the first half of 2013 then Grant was in the role for the second half of the year.

    Fund balances as of 2013-12-31:

    General       6,186.31
    Discretionary 2,856.13

    The financial statement is available here AGM May 2014 – Financial Statements – 4pg version (5)

  6. Moved by Brock that the financial statements were received.
    Seconded by Lawrie.
  7. Auditor’s ReportThere is no auditor’s report. John Hilditch is reviewing the financial records for 2013 and will send a report. Joyce Elliott also offered to review the financial records for 2013 but was unable to do that prior to the AGM.
  8. Directors’ ReportsThe reports were pre-circulated to the members of VIMS.

    Motion from Theresa to accept.
    Seconded by Joan.

  9. Determine the need for an auditor.Motion from Joan that no audit will be required unless John or Joyce report any irregularities.
    Seconded by Lawrie.

    John called in on speaker phone and verified that the 2013 financial records are in order. He later emailed his full report to council.

    Motion from June that a report from Joyce is not required.
    Seconded by Lawrie.

    Motion from June that Brock will ask VIMS members not on council to review the financial records for 2014.
    Seconded by Brian.

  10. Determine annual membership dues.Motion from Bruce to keep them at zero.
    Seconded by Lawrie.
  11. Elections of Officers: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and three Directors.All current directors were willing stand for another year.
    Call for other nominations.
    Motion from Joan that officers acclaimed on slate presented:

        Brock Brown - president
        Bruce MacRae - vice-president
        Grant Smith - treasurer
        Brian Chapel - secretary
        June Fukushima - director
        Lawrie Thicke - director
        Theresa Aspol - director

    Seconded by Brian.

  12. Retirement of DirectorsNone.
  13. AdjournmentMotion from Bruce to adjourn.