VIMS Sept Minutes

Victoria Insight Meditation Society (VIMS)

Minutes of the Victoria IMS Council

September 3, 2012


A meeting of the VIMS council was held at the home of Rod House,Victoria, B.C. on September 3, 2012. The meeting commenced at 1:15 p.m.


Present:           Brock Brown              chair

Joyce Elliott               retreat operations

June Fukushima          treasurer

John Hilditch              secretary

Rod House                  technology and communications

Theresa Aspol

Bruce MacRae

1.         Approval of the agenda: An item “new council members” was added to the agenda. It was moved by June Fukushima that the agenda be approved as modified. The motion received unanimous endorsement. Brock declared the motion Implemented.


2.         Approval of the minutes of the July 16, 2012 meeting. It was moved by Joyce Elliott that the minutes be approved as circulated. The motion received unanimous endorsement. Brock declared the motion Implemented.


3.a       It was moved by John Hilditch that Theresa Aspol and Bruce MacRae br invited to join the Victoria Insight Meditation Council. The motion received unanimous endorsement. Brock declared the motion Implemented and welcomed Theresa and Bruce to the council.


3.b       Business arising from the minutes and updates:


  • The Sangha Pot-Luck and Social on July 18, held at Rod and Isy’s home was very successful. The council thanked Rod and Isy for hosting this event.
  • Ajahn Tiradhammo’s visit toVictoria, including a meal offering and Sunday evening talk was well received.
  • Goward House has been booked for the Friday evening for a talk by James Baraz, preceding his week-end retreat in November.
  • Rod reported that Malaware security system has been installed on WordPress.
  • Brock spoke with Ayya Medhanandi about her paying a visit toVictoria. She expressed interest but could not yet commit to a date.
  • As Ajahn Sona is unavailable in 2013 he has been invited to lead a week-end retreat on July 12/13, 2014. He cannot give us his answer until April of 2014.
  • Howie Cohn’s one-day retreat on August 5 was very popular. Seventy-eight registered, 68 attended. Average dana per person was about $19. The council thanked Rod and Isy for managing the retreat.
  • The council thanked Joan Glover for the gift of several note cards using the photographs donated by Grace Golightly.

4.         Joyce Elliott proposed that, on a trial basis we expand to 100 the number of registrants accepted for the next retreat. Based on the experience with Howie Cohn’s retreat it is believed that several changes in the set-up would substantially increase the available space. The motion received full support or endorsement. Brock declared the motion Implemented.


5.         June circulated a document “Frames of Reference for Decision Making”.  John Hilditch moved that we accept this as an aid to council decision making. The motion received unanimous endorsement. Brock declared the motion Implemented. The document will be posted on the website.


6.         Miguel and Lillianna have offered their home in Saanich to be used for a day of practice on October 6. Joyce Elliott moved that we gratefully accept their offer. This day will be open to 22 registrants, will have no teacher and no dana basket. Mindful gardening was suggested as a form of dana. Joyce and Rod will serve as endorsers for this program. The motion received unanimous endorsement or support. Brock declared the motion Implemented.


7.         The council had a fruitful discussion on offering dana to other national or international organizations. Our current practice involves, on an ad hoc basis, donating the dana from certain Sunday evening sits to worthy causes. We also have the opportunity to use year-end surplus funds for certain causes or projects. It was noted that we have not developed council policy to cover this matter; it was felt that donations should support our lineage.

Brock expressed interest in supporting the Nuns’ Community Saraniya’s building project. June Fukushima moved that we donate the dana from the Sunday evening sit on September 30 in honour of our graduating Community Dharma Leaders, Brock Brown and Margo Mcloughlin. They, in turn have expressed their wish to donate this money to support the Nuns’ Community Saraniya’s building project. Brock Brown abstained from voting; the motion received full support of the remaining council members. Brock declared the motion Implemented.


8.         June presented a Communications Report. We are reaching the 500 address limit for Constant Contact. The council agreed that those who have not accessed the newsletter in the past six months could be removed from the list. The report contained many important ideas and questions for the council to address. Rod agreed to discuss these at the Technology and Communications Working Group and report back to council. The council thanked June for her report.


9.         June presented the Financial Report: The Victoria IMS bank account balance as of August 31 was $7,956.50. She reports that we are likely to end the year with a surplus. The council thanked June for her clear and concise report.


10.       More signing officers are needed. June Fukushima moved that Theresa Aspol and Bruce MacRae be added as signing officers. The motion received unanimous endorsement. Brock declared the motion Implemented.

11.       John Hilditch agreed to assist Brock Brown in assessing applications to the scholarship fund.


12.       The Vancouver Thai Association is hosting a visit of two Theravada Monks fromThailand; they are living in a house inVictoria. The council agreed that Brock should initiate a contact with these monks; perhaps they could participate in a Sunday evening sit.


13.       Brock will check with Heather Martin to see if she will be leading a study group session on October 14


14.       The next council meeting will be held on October 1, 2012 at the home of Rod House.


The meeting terminated at 4:10


Brock Brown, Chair                           John Hilditch, Secretary