Information for New Meditators or New to Victoria IMS

Information for Meditators New to Victoria IMS

At Victoria Insight Meditation Society, we practice and  study Insight meditation also known as Vipassana meditation.

For those who enjoy sitting with a group on a regular basis, there is a weekly Sunday Night Community sit open to everyone. There are also home sit groups   These groups meet in the evenings for 2 hours with a 45-minute silent meditation followed by a talk given by a facilitator or a taped talk.

Victoria IMS offers non-residential retreats throughout the year, in Victoria.  They are led by visiting and local teachers in the Theravada tradition.

Community Dharma Leaders offer courses from time to time for the Victoria IMS.

What is Insight Meditation?

Insight meditation is the practice of observing our direct experience in each moment. We try to do this with a relaxed, open and gentle awareness. Being present with this attitude connects us with our naturally calm, clear mind and kind, peaceful heart. As we become more established in this technique, we respond to the inevitable joys and sorrows of life with increasing sensitivity, stability and love.

Metta or Loving Kindness meditation cultivates connecting with and caring for ourselves and others. It is true friendliness. We can deliberately nurture our heart’s natural capacity for peacefulness, kindness, acceptance and forgiveness.
Dharma talks illustrate aspects of the Buddha’s teachings.
Dana is the practice of generosity. Teachings are freely offered. Donations are accepted for operating costs such as the costs of the hall rental and visiting teacher travel.  All donations are dependent on your individual means.

What to Expect at a Retreat with Victoria IMS
Our non-residential weekend retreats are silent except for small group interviews, question and answer sessions, time set aside at the end of the retreat to connect with other meditators,
If you have questions or concerns regarding the retreat, you can talk to the Retreat Manager. The Manager is available before the start of the retreat, at lunch break, at the end of the retreat or at transition times (generally a 5 to 7 minute interval between the end of a sit and the start of the walk or vice versa).
During a retreat, we alternate between sitting and walking meditation. Detailed instructions and guidelines on both sitting and walking meditation techniques are given at the start of the retreat. Meditators are encouraged to attend the entire retreat. If it’s a weekend retreat, the two days build on each other as far as developing the instructions and topics.
If anyone needs to adjust their position during a retreat, this is permitted. Please talk with the Teacher regarding any medical condition that requires you to lie down when you meditate.