2019/02/23 Margo McLoughlin weekend retreat

Margo McLoughlin Retreat

The Medicine of Awareness: The Healing Path of Practice

A weekend retreat with Margo McLoughlin 

February 23 – 24, 2019

Held at Goward House, 2495 Arbutus Road, Victoria, BC,
Saturday 9:00 to 4:30 pm;  Sunday 9:00 – 4:00 pm.
Registration opens January 28, 2019
Through our practice of meditation, we discover the healing properties of mindful awareness. This kind of awareness is much more than paying attention: it is a profound training of the heart and mind that re-establishes inner equilibrium and nurtures an attitude of caring and compassion.
The Buddha is often referred to as the Great Physician, whose foundational teachings of the Four Noble Truths diagnose the human ailment, identify the cause, offer a cure, and prescribe the treatment.

Over the course of two days, Margo will use the framework of Five Spiritual Faculties – faith, energy, mindfulness, concentration, and wisdom – to investigate the ways we can strengthen and apply the medicine of awareness in our lives.


Margo McLoughlin offers classes and leads retreats in Victoria and other Vancouver Island communities. She is a longtime student of Theravada Buddhism, a graduate of the Harvard Divinity School, as well as the Community Dharma Leader training program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Margo recently completed a ten-month course of study and retreat under the guidance of Steve Armstrong and Kamala Masters.