Sunday Sitting Schedule

Facilitators for June are:

10th June Ayya Nimmala, a visiting Theravada Nun, will lead the Sunday Sit this evening.
Ayya Nimmala began her journey into Buddhist monasticism by serving as a steward first at Birken Forest Monastery and later at Tisarana Buddhist Monastery where she was guided by Ajahn Viradhammo, Ajahn Sona, and Ajahn Kusalo. In 2010, she received ordination as a samaneri Buddhist nun with Ayya Medhanandi as her acarini (teacher).
In 2011, she became a Bhikkhuni at Spirit Rock, California in a bhikkhuni upasamapada ceremony performed by a dual Theravada Sangha of bhikkhus and bhikkhunis lead by Ayya Tathaloka Theri acting as pavattini (preceptor).
Ayya Nimmala presently lives in Vancouver, BC.
You can join Ayya Nimmala for a Dhamma conversation on Saturday afternoon June 9thfrom 3-5 pm at Beacon Hill Park. The meeting place is at the flag pole at the top of the hill.
Call 250 589-1039 for more information.
17th June Brock Brown will give a talk on “Right Effort” as part of the Noble Eightfold Path

24th June – Brian Chapel (double sit)

Facilitators are active participants of the VictoriaIMS sangha who volunteer to facilitate the weekly Sunday Sit program.


Core Teachings at Sunday Sit

Beginning on Sunday, February 18th, Brock Brown will offer a series of monthly talks for VIMS on the core teachings of the Buddha: the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold path. This is the path which leads us to the end of suffering.
The following is a schedule of the talks:
Feb 18  The First Noble Truth and Right View
Mar 18  The Second Noble Truth- Tanha or Craving
April 15 Right Intention
May 13 Sala – Ethical Conduct
June 17 Right Effort
July 22  Right Mindfulness
Sept 23 Right Concentration
Oct 21  The Third Noble Truth – Letting Go