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1-2018/05/13 Mindful Self-Compassion Workshop

presented by Beth Trotter
In this workshop we will look at how our internal critic, the internal voice that criticizes and
judges us, developed. And we will look at how we can get some distance from it and develop
compassion for ourselves instead. So rather than judging ourselves for inadequacies and
shortcomings, we can learn to cultivate kindness and compassion for our underlying vulnerability
and also extend kindness and compassion to others.
Full info here.  MindfulSelfCompassion_May2018_v4

1-2018/06/16 LGBTQ and Summer retreats for Women

I am now advertising for three women’s retreats and one LGBTQ retreat this
summer, here on my land. The dates are June 17-23July 15-21, and
August 5-11. We will be camping at the lakeside, swimming, and
learning in the arms of a cedar and douglas fir forest refuge. Retreat flyer follows.

May all beings multiply joy today.

Eartha aka Esther

LGBTQ awakening sangha

2018/01/14 The Divine Abidings

Divine Abidings

Beginning on Sunday, January 14th, Margo will offer a series of monthly talks for the Victoria Insight Meditation Society on the four Divine Abidings, four qualities of mind and heart that we can cultivate as the natural expression of our being. While presenting each of these, she will draw on the stories of some remarkable figures in the history of Buddhism, individuals whose lives were and are an embodiment of loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity.
Sunday, January 14th – “Ananda, Guardian of the Dhamma” – Loving-Kindness as an act of imagination.
Sunday, February 11th – “The Legend of King Ashoka” – Compassion as a vehicle of transformation.
Sunday, March 25th – “The Lay Disciple, Visakha” – Joy and the Path of Service.
Sunday, April 22nd – “Tenzin Gyatso, His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama” – Equanimity as a gift we bestow and a practice we embody.

Here is a link to a page on my site:

2018/02/18 Core Buddhist Teachings with Brock Brown

Core Teachings at Sunday Sit

Beginning on Sunday, February 18th, Brock Brown will offer a series of monthly talks for VIMS on the core teachings of the Buddha: the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold path. This is the path which leads us to the end of suffering.
The following is a schedule of the talks:
Feb 18  The First Noble Truth and Right View
Mar 18  The Second Noble Truth- Tanha or Craving
April 15 Right Intention
May 13 Sala – Ethical Conduct
June 17 Right Effort
July 22  Right Mindfulness
Sept 23 Right Concentration
Oct 21  The Third Noble Truth – Letting Go

Brock Brown Saturday Morning Meditation

Saturday Morning Sit-In led by Brock Brown

 The Sit-In takes place on first Saturday of the month from 9:00
a.m. to noon. There are three 45-minute periods of sitting meditation,
which start on the hour, alternating with 15-minute periods of walking
meditation. Stay for the whole morning or join us for just a sitting or two.
We begin all sittings on the hour, so feel free to slip in quietly a few minutes
before the hour during walking meditation.
Place: 4013 Magdelin St
For more Info email Brock