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Audio recordings of talks given at Victoria IMS retreats and public talks.

2017/11/11 Brock Brown retreat audio

The following audio files were recorded at Goward House on the 11th of Nov, 2017 during a one day retreat presented by Brock Brown.


006 Audio Steve Armstrong Retreat 2017 –

In the Saturday instructions, Steve talks about awareness, and the difference of this quality in as opposed to the attitudes of the mind.

010 Audio Steve Armstrong Retreat 2017 –

Sunday AM.     “Let’s just sit”…..guided meditation….

Reconnect with awareness and kind of intention that allows awareness to be recognized more of the time.

-as soon as we settle in, then we start being aware….were we aware before that?   Let body come to a natural stillness.   Bring attention inside body.   Wherever there is holding, let it go.   Relax on to sitting bones.   Doing scan of body allows us to feel longstanding holding patterns especially around eye/jaw.   Release tension of jaw.   

Release holding in shoulders, let breath expand under hands.   Settle into present moment, let it come to you.   Recognizing what you’re doing/what you are receiving.    Notice sensations.

-Mind too…no agenda but recognize present moment.   This is normal….nature of mind to think, feel.   Goal not to stop mind.   Goal to let it all be there, and to the degree we can, without reactivity, then it all settles down to quiescent fluxing activity of mind.  

Attend to a particular activity of mind:

  1. To remember
  2. To recognize present moment
  3. Awareness

If any intention to practice awareness, this is what we attend to.    Encouraging capacity of mind to recognize it’s own activity of awareness.

Don’t have to make mind be aware.   It will arrive, recognize spontaneously.   Awareness that knows the present moment.  

  • That which does the knowing is the mind.   In every moment there is a knowing:
  • Mind
  • Knowing
  • Object.   

Cultivating recognition of mind and activity of knowing.   And, when we recognize the knowing, that’s awareness.   So, we’re practicing awareness.   Recognizing the knowing activity, moment by moment. What is known will change, moment to moment.   So, we don’t need to hold onto any of it, or try to get rid of any of them.   Don’t get entangled by narrative about them and our relationship to them : sounds, sensations, thoughts.  

***Attitude of;    LET IT COME, LET IT BE KNOWN; LET IT GO.

Awareness has:

-No preference

-knows everything equally

If we struggle, that’s our own preference….

Recognize attachment and aversion.   Just another experience being known.   

** Just remind yourself to remember.

009 Audio Steve Armstrong Retreat 2017 –

Last session Saturday:  Q and A

Q When you learn to be detached, how do you relate to everyone else?
A- With wisdom and compassion

Q – Is someone who is not entangled a loner?
A – They are self reliant and knowledgeable….happiness not depending on others; relationship of serving/offering not demanding expectation/obligation

-stay engaged with lots of people; entangled with ourself, not because of someone else.   If we’re not happy, it’s our own mistake/beliefs/conditioning.

-the less deluded we are, the less we expect people to satisfy us.    More awareness in relationships.   Challenge is being in the thick of life.     Prefer alot of time alone,    attending to inner life.

  1. Q)  ??
  2. A) Develop qualities of awakened heart/ look at sources of suffering e.g. Restlessness, anxiety.

Liberation is from understanding your mind; causes and conditions of suffering and you can let go….you suffer less.    Suffer less becAuse you understand suffering, not you got rid of it.

Buddha had delusion still….he understood it, and didn’t suffer dukha.

Journey of awakening….gotta work with it, little by little

“The way it is, is the Dharma”

Feel into the suffering staes of loss, fear, anxiety, etc.  ….understand their conditions, then we are free of the entanglement.

Don’t lose your mind.   Is it entangled?     Can you be with it?