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Audio recordings of talks given at Victoria IMS retreats and public talks.

Saturday Morning Recordings from the Goward House Retreat with Susie Harrington

A Balanced Heart: Compassion and Equanimity 
Saturday 26 May and Sunday 27 May, 2018
Retreat Goward House with Susie Harrington

2018/01/20 Heather Martin Retreat Audio

The following files were recorded at Goward House in Victoria during a retreat presented by Heather Martin on January 20/21 2018.


2017/11/11 Brock Brown retreat audio

The following audio files were recorded at Goward House on the 11th of Nov, 2017 during a one day retreat presented by Brock Brown.


006 Audio Steve Armstrong Retreat 2017 –

In the Saturday instructions, Steve talks about awareness, and the difference of this quality in as opposed to the attitudes of the mind.