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Audio recordings of talks given at Victoria IMS retreats and public talks.

008 Audio Steve Armstrong Retreat 2017 –

Steve Armstrong – Saturday, October 14, 2017 Q&A 04
Steve gives detailed answers to two Questions (1- When you learn to be detached how do you
relate to everyone else?) and (2- You are talking about getting down to the seed of our
suffering. Are we just supposed to sit with this suffering?).
He speaks about relevant aspects of his own life in his answers. He also describes how the
journey of awakening is a step by step process that transforms suffering. He elaborates on how
opening to this suffering whether it be depression, anxiety, self-pity, loss, allows us to over time
dis-entangle ourselves from it and find freedom.

007 Audio Steve Armstrong Retreat 2017 –

Afternoon Question and Answer  Session 3

In this Q and A session, Steve talks about the qualities of the attitude of mind – and the relationships between the mind, objects and attitudes. Attitude of mind is in the activity of the knowing.

003 – Audio – Q & A 1 – Steve Armstrong Retreat 2017

Saturday morning instructions:
In this sitting, Steve shares the importance and benefits of having an open and receptive posture of mind and body, as a foundation for cultivating a skillful attitude of mind.

002 Audio – Steve Armstrong Retreat 2017 – Saturday Morning – Q & A 1 –

Queation and Answer Session #1

In the first Q and A session, participants share their reflections and questions on the meditation sitting. Steve’s responses helped participants understand the context of individual practice regardless of approach, experience, and motivations.

001 Audio Steve Armstrong Retreat 2017 – Saturday Morning

Awareness: Balancing Wonder and Terror
Steve Armstrong Retreat
Goward House, October 14, 15, 2017

Saturday Morning: Opening Remarks and Orientation. 

Using body and mind scan Steve helps the participants settle into the moment. He then gives
detailed descriptions of what is “normal” mind activity. “In every moment, there is a mind –
knowing and an object.” He then guides us through three mental activities with special
emphasis on recognizing the activity of awareness. He ends with how to dis-entangle ourselves
from the internal narrative about the objects we experience.


2017/09/16 Adrianne Ross Audio Files

On August 16th and 17th of 2017 Adrianne Ross presented a non-residential weekend retreat at Goward House in Victoria. The title of the retreat was “Loving Kindness and Compassion”.
The retreat was recorded and the resulting audio files follow.

Retreat audio files day one

Retreat audio files day two

2017/08/19 Ajaan Geoff Audio Files

The following audio files were recorded at Goward House in Victoria during a non-residential week-end retreat presented by Ajaan Geoff on the 19th and 20th of August, 2017. The topic of these talks is “The Eight Fold Path”.

Study notes for these talks are here.