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Cowichan Valley Meditation

The structure will be a meditation followed by a short talk. The details are;
Monday evenings 5.30pm-7pm
Beginning Feb 11th
Where; Co op community room (west room) The Hub , Cowichan station .
Cost: By donation
Attendees are encouraged to bring a Zafu and Zabuton if possible but not a requirement.
Beginners welcome

2018/11/11 Carol Wilson Retreat Audio

The following files were recorded at Goward House in Victoria on the 10th and 11th of Nov 2018. Carol Wilson was presenting a weekend retreat.



Victoria Insight Meditation Society FAQ

Sunday Night Sit:

What is the location of your Sunday Night meetings?

Lynn Wylie/Helga Beer Yoga Studio, #202 – 1600 Bay Street (Shakespeare St. entrance).

What time do you start?

7pm. It is appreciated if meditators can arrive a few minutes early. If this is your first meeting it is helpful to arrive 10 minutes early to have time to ask any questions you may have and settle in.

How long are the meetings?

Either 1 or 2 hours – from 7pm – First meeting of the month usually 2 hrs, others 1hr.

Do I have to stay for the whole evening?

Staying for the whole meeting is encouraged but is voluntary. If you need to leave please wait until the first 45 minute sitting is completed.

What is the format for these meetings?

Meetings start promptly at 7 pm. There is a silent 45 minute meditation sit, followed by a 5 minute silent break. Following that there is a second session with either a taped talk, a facilitated discussion, or a talk by the facilitator or teacher.

I can’t sit cross –legged on the floor, can I use a chair?

Yes, there is space to do both. Chairs are provided and mats and cushions are available for those who sit on the floor.

Is there a cost to attending your meetings?

There is no cost. This in keeping with the Buddhist tradition of offering teachings and space to meditate free of charge. In the Buddhist tradition, the practice of Dana (generosity) is made available at the venue for those who wish to make a donation towards the cost of hiring the venue.  When there is a visiting teacher, any donations are given to the teacher.

I am not a Buddhist, are your meetings open to non-Buddhists?

Absolutely, the only requirement is a willingness to meditate in silence with others.  

Do I have to practice Insight Meditation, or can I choose my preferred meditation method?

The Society follows  practices within the Theravada Buddhist Tradition and respects practitioners of all meditation disciplines. Samatha (calming) and Vipassana (insight)  as well as good will, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity meditation practices are routinely taught.

Do you offer instruction for new meditators on Sunday nights?

Our facilitator is usually happy to provide some guided meditation for those that have little meditation experience. It is helpful to let the facilitator know at the beginning of the evening that you would find this helpful.

Do you always have guest speakers?

Many of the Sunday evening sits are facilitated by members of the society or our own teachers, however we frequently also have guest speakers. We list the facilitators for the month on our website. Please reference the website for more details.

Do you chant?

Occasionally a teacher or facilitator may suggest a chant as part of the evening.

Do I have access to a teacher at these events?

One to one time with a teacher is not usually available; however informal discussion is possible before and after the main part of the evening. It is possible to contact a teacher from the Society via the “Contact us” link on the web site

Do you have disabled access?

Yes.  There is an elevator in the main entrance of the building and the floor is level.

Weekend retreats

What is the location of your weekend retreats?

The majority of our retreats take place at Goward House, 2495 Arbutus Road, Victoria, BC. Occasionally during the summer a weekend retreat takes place on the University of Victoria campus.

What time do you start?

Weekend retreats start at 9 am sharp. Early arrival is encouraged particularly for retreats with a large number of participants. Retreats usually finish at 4:30 pm on the first day, and 4:00 pm on the second day.

How long are the retreats?

Our retreats are one or two days, at weekends. There are occasional Friday evening talks by the weekend retreat teacher, and sometimes on the Sunday evening after the weekend retreat has finished, the teacher will facilitate the regular Sunday evening sit.

How do I register for your retreats?

Please go to the web site home page. On the right under the heading “Calendar” is a link called “Victoria IMS Retreats”. Clicking on that takes you to the dates of future retreats and is the place to register once registration is open. The dates when registration is open are also on that page.

What do I do if I register but then need to cancel?

Reply to the invitation to register email you were sent. OR

Go to the home page and at the top of the page is a “Contact Victoria IMS” tab click on that to e-mail the Society.

Can I register other people?

Yes you can. Once you have clicked on the link to register there are options to add someone else under your registration.

Do I have to stay for the whole retreat?

It is requested that registrants register for both days as our retreats are very popular and we often have a waiting list. If at the time of the retreat it is not possible for you to stay for both days we encourage you to come for the time that you are able to.

Is there a seating capacity for your meditation retreats?

We have a maximum of 100 places.

I can’t sit cross –legged on the floor, can I use a chair?

Yes there are plenty of chairs available.
We recommend that you bring a blanket to go beneath your feet as we ask participants to remove their shoes and the floor can be cold. Please bring whatever you need (blanket, shawl, cushion) to allow you to sit comfortably.

Is there a cost to attending your weekend retreats?

The teachings are offered freely. There are no registration fees. On the day of the retreat, you may offer financial contributions to the teacher or in the case of monastics to the monastery, and to Victoria IMS for operational costs. Suggested donation to Victoria IMS is $40 for a two-day retreat and $20 for a one-day retreat.

I am not a Buddhist, are your meetings open to non-Buddhists?

Absolutely. Whilst the teachings are usually based on the practice of Theravada Buddhism, people from all faiths find our retreats valuable.

Do you provide food at these events?

Participants bring their own lunch and beverages; however, for those who might have forgotten there are some tea bags and paper cups available. Meals are taken during scheduled lunch breaks only. Further details of what to bring and retreat etiquette are on the web site at the time of registration.

Do I have to practice Insight Meditation, or can I choose my preferred meditation method?

Yes, any method held in silence is acceptable

Do you offer instruction for new meditators on these retreats?

Very often teachers will provide guided meditation(s) on these retreats.

Is there disabled access to these venues?

There is disabled access at Goward House and at the University of Victoria campus.

Do I have access to a teacher at these retreats?

Most teachers schedule in small group interviews to offer individuals the chance to ask questions.

Do you provide accommodation?

We do not provide accommodation.  You may find this link helpful.
It is to the University of Victoria visitor housing.
Our retreats are within walking distance of UVic. 


Are you affiliated with other Insight Meditation Societies/Teachers?

The Society is based in the Theravada school of Buddhism.
We invite Theravada teachers, both lay and monastic to lead retreats and give public talks.

Do you have your own teachers?

VictoriaIMS invites monastics, Community Dharma Leaders and Meditation  teachers trained through the Spirit Rock or Insight Meditation Society teacher training program to teach retreats.
Information about teachers leading retreats for this current year can be found on our website here.

Do you put on meditation instruction classes?

Currently we are not offering meditation classes.

Do I have to be a Buddhist to attend your events?

No.  People from all walks of life and spiritual disciplines benefit from attending our events.

How do I volunteer?

Please visit our web page and, at the top of the page, click on the tab entitled “Contact Victoria IMS”. Providing details of your specific areas of interest/expertise would be helpful.

I am looking for a local siting group, are there any connected to your organisation?

There are a number of home siting groups. Please go to this link that lists community sitting groups led by participants of Victoria IMS programs.

How do I make a donation?

We appreciate your generosity.
You can make a donation at the Sunday Night sit or at a retreat.
Please contact the Society via the link (Contact Victoria IMS) on the home page on the web site for further details.


Westshore Weekly Meditation

Weekly meditation in Langford from 7:30 to 8:30

Our group meets weekly at different locations in Langford and practices Buddhist meditation in the Thai Forest Tradition. We welcome new members, including new and experienced practitioners. We begin the evening with a 30-minute sit, followed by a short break, and then a talk and discussion.

For more information, please email Dave Riddell at

2019/03/22 Wat Metta Monks for Aranya Refuge Project

Wat Metta Monks Visiting May 2019
The Aranya (Wilderness) Refuge Project (link: https://www.aranyarefuge.caorganizers are excited to receive Metta Forest Monastery monks, Tahn Peter and Tahn Tim, for the month of May 2019. The monks will reside at a home in Metchosin where they will be on retreat.
Offering food and support for monastics is considered to be a virtuous act.
It is said that long life, strength, beauty, and happiness returns to one who gives food.
How you can participate:
In Victoria: Saturdays 10:30 am, May 4, 11, 18 and 25
4013 Magdelin St.  On the 27/28 bus route.
After the meal offering, the monks will meditate with the group and answer questions.
Monday – Friday 9:30 am
In Metchosin: On most weekdays in May, food offerings can be made at the house in Metchosin.
Contact organizers to pre-arrange food offerings at
Financial contributions are also welcome.
Contact organizers at

2018 Brock Brown

Brock Brown is a founding member and Chair of the Victoria Insight Meditation Society where he teaches and leads meditation retreats. He has been dedicated to the study and practice of the Buddha’s teachings in the Theravada tradition for the past 27 years, and is inspired by the Thai Forest tradition. He is a graduate of the Spirit Rock Dedicated Practitioners Program and the Community Dharma Leader Program and completed the Birken Forest Monastery Upasika program. Brock enjoys studying the suttas and making them relevant to our everyday lives.

2018/10/14 Christina Feldman Retreat day two audio files

The following audio files were recorded at Goward House on day two of a weekend retreat given by Christina Feldman in October 2018.


2018/10/13 Christina Feldman Retreat Day One Audio

The following files were recorded at Goward House in Victoria on day one of a weekend retreat given by Christina Feldman in October 2018.


2019/09/15 Brock Brown Retreat Audio Files

The following files were recorded at Goward House in Victoria during a one day retreat given by Brock Brown on the 15th of Sept, 2018.